Ask the Experts: Project Management for Instructional Design

project management for instructional design

We’ve all participated in projects in our professional careers—sometimes as team members, other times as leaders. We’re probably also quite accustomed to the various project management technology platforms available—even the mobile app versions, so we can manage our deadlines on the go. However, is project management for instructional design any different? Are different processes or […]

Ask the Experts: How to Improve Virtual Training For Learners and Instructors

ask the experts virtual training

More than six months into the pandemic, most of us have become accustomed to virtual training, meetings, and interactions with our managers, coworkers, and clients. Though we do more of them, do we ever actually get better at them? Virtual training, of course, has now become the norm for most organizations. While virtual training is […]

Ask the Experts: Agile Learning & Iterative Instructional Design Processes

Although many organizations and business functions have proclaimed Agile methodologies to be a ground-breaking way of anticipating and managing change, a cloud of mystery still hovers around how Agile can and should be applied to learning design. In recent years, a few different Agile instructional design models and theories have been developed. Some L&D teams […]