Webinar Recording: Transforming Your Training Intake Process for Successful Course Launch

training intake for training projects

Date: March 19th, 2020Time: 1PM (EST)Speakers: Laura Doerr | Senior & Lead Project Manager | eLearning BrothersKristy Sadler | CMO | Cognota In a world of agile business practices, speed to market for training is increasingly important for corporate learning teams. Most learning pros would agree that there are bottlenecks slowing down the course design […]

A Visual Guide to Training Request Prioritization

training request prioritization

Training teams are facing a lot of challenges when it comes to prioritizing training requests. Training intake processes can be ad-hoc and outdated, and that means little to no data or insights for corporate training teams to understand the patterns of demand in their organizations. Building an effective training intake process means taking control from […]

Free eBook: Harness the Power of Crowdsourcing for Corporate Training Success

crowdsourcing for corporate training

As an L&D pro, you may find yourself overloaded with training requests or struggling to keep up with the demand for training. The rate of creating and updating corporate training courses has ramped up in recent years to keep up with the pace of change in an increasingly agile business world. As the role of […]

Free eBook: Managing Training Intake for Strategic Success

managing training intake

L&D teams are receiving higher budgets and increased executive support. It’s great news for L&D, but it also comes with higher expectations. That’s why it’s imperative that your learning programs deliver results that align with corporate goals. The process for training intake has a significant role to play in delivering on those expectations, but L&D […]