Happy #IWD2019! What #BalanceforBetter means to the Cognota team

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The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day #IWD2019, is #BalanceforBetter, and it couldn’t be more appropriate for us here at Cognota as we build out our team! The advantage we have as a small team is that we can all commit together to ensuring balance and diversity in our workforce right from the beginning – and that’s just what we’re doing. 

It’s no revelation that the stats aren’t great for women in tech, and in startups it’s even worse.  Which is why we want to make sure it’s part of our fabric from day one. We know that In order to truly support diversity and ensure we have a balance of backgrounds and perspectives, we have to put the structure in place to ensure that everyone experiences the feeling of belonging that comes with a genuine commitment to inclusion.

We’re starting by launching a diversity initiative, a think tank and speaking series that will help the startup community share what they are doing to ensure diversity, inclusion and belonging. With the support of Ripple Ventures and other tech industry partners, this program is intended to ensure we develop as a community by learning from one another. 


As a woman who has been in tech for over 10 years and in business for much longer, seeing the wave of change that is happening across industries is refreshing. And being part of a team that embraces diversity as a core philosophy makes me incredibly proud. While we’re not where we want to be on gender balance today, we’re confident that as the team grows we’ll get there. The important thing is that our close knit team of #Synapsters is committed to #BalanceforBetter and we know we’ll be stronger for it.

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Happy #IWD2019! What #BalanceforBetter means to the Cognota team