Cognota Has Been Recognized as a Great Place to Work for the Second Consecutive Year

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It’s an important part of our core values that we provide a great place to work for our team. So, getting the official certification from Great Place to Work is critical to our ongoing operations. It’s all about our people who are passionate about our mission and enabling more people to learn and grow… but also enjoying the journey as we do it.

At Cognota we’re committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment, where everyone feels they belong and have opportunities to succeed and grow. This collaborative culture is part of our DNA. People are trusted to contribute, think big and experiment without fear. All Cognauts understand we all are accountable for our culture.

As our CEO, Ryan Austin, said:

“Building business is hard… never mind a startup.  It is fast-moving, weekly operations pivot and change and, for many people, this can create a sense of uncomfortableness.  I am extremely proud of the team at Cognota who have learned how to embrace uncertainty as a skill set (not only applying it to day-to-day work, but in many cases their personal lives). To receive this recognition as an early-stage company is an honor and it’s comforting to know that our people recognize the hard work we do to keep business and work Win/Win with our people as we make progress to become a world-class technology company”.

About Great Place to Work

The Great Place to Work organization is a global authority on workplace culture. They work with organizations of all sizes and industries to analyze employee Trust Index that measures: credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie. The certification is based on direct and anonymous feedback from employees.

Cognota’s Trust Index scored between 95% and 97% in all 5 categories, with a 95% participation rate. Ninety five percent of our team responded, “Taking everything into account, I would say this is a great place to work.” This is an amazing compliment and motivation to continue our efforts towards bettering employee experience.

What This Certification Means for Cognota

This past year was about resilience and togetherness.

Our team is fully remote, this brings many benefits, such as more flexibility, better work-life-balance, greater inclusivity, and diversity. Remote could also mean feeling disconnected from the team or stressed by blurred lines between work and home. To prevent these challenges, our Culture Committee has been busy organizing virtual events to keep the team connected. We also prioritize our team’s mental health with a weekly No-Meeting Day, unlimited vacation, and regular days off, known as “You” Days.

Recognition like this from Great Place to Work validates that the effort we put into offering a positive workplace environment is successful and highlights areas for improvement. We couldn’t be more grateful to our team; they are the reason we’re celebrating this certification.

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Cognota Has Been Recognized as a Great Place to Work for the Second Consecutive Year