Cognota and Complete Learning partner to bring the world’s first LearnOps® platform to the Australasian markets

Cognota®, the leading provider of operations software has partnered with Complete Learning, a leader in learning & performance management systems in the APAC .

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, January 10, 2023 / — Cognota®, the leading provider of operations software built specifically for learning and development teams, has partnered with Complete Learning Solutions, a recognized consulting services leader for learning and performance management systems in the APAC region.

“According to the ATD, 85% of L&D teams use 3-8 tools to manage learning ops and 69% of them would like to consolidate.” said Ryan Austin, CEO of Cognota. “This partnership opens the opportunity for Australian and New Zealand-based organizations to leverage our first-of-its-kind software to streamline operational capabilities and drive additional value with L&D”.

Leveraging Cognota’s platform for learning operations, Complete Learning customers will be able to consolidate disparate tools, make more strategic learning investments, and measure the impact of learning. “Building the LearnOps category is a mission that cannot be done alone. Complete Learning’s expertise in the APAC region will accelerate the vision to power learning operations across the globe, and this partnership will go a long way to moving the ball forward – together.” said Austin.

“Complete Learning has always been about delivering the best solutions to our customers and ensuring that they are maximizing their investments in their learning businesses,” said Beryl Oldham, Managing Director, Complete Learning. “Being able to deliver a platform focused on the operational aspects of L&D has been a missing piece to the puzzle in our industry for far too long”.

With both parties focusing on learning innovation, and with Cognota’s unwavering commitment to advancing the industry with its LearnOps® platform, this partnership will break new ground in corporate learning.

About Cognota:
Cognota® (formerly Synapse) is the first and only LearnOps® platform for corporate Learning and Development teams. Our award-winning software streamlines L&D processes such as training intake, project and capacity planning, and content design, allowing learning teams to work more efficiently and effectively while providing access to much-needed data and insights about their operations. This first-of-its-kind software allows customers to get better visibility into the training needs of their businesses and consolidate disparate tools they are using so they can make better, more strategic decisions about L&D investments and measure impact.
If you’re interested in a partnership with Cognota, or licensing the LearnOps® trademark, contact

Phone: 1 800-341-2823
HQ Address: 199 Bay Street #4000, Toronto, Ontario M5L 1A9, Canada

About Complete Learning:
At Complete Learning Solutions, we create organisational capability through excellence in learning design, delivery, and technology. We can work with you, or for you, to provide customized end-to-end learning and development (L&D) solutions for your organization.

We offer a complete range of organizational L&D products and services, including L&D consulting, learning needs analysis, design and delivery, evaluation up to Level 5 using the ROI Methodology® to measure the value of your L&D programs, and learning technology support and integrations. We are the NZ partner for the ROI Institute® and the APAC Region’s number one Docebo® LMS sales, customer and technical support, and professional services partner.
We are proud to represent Cognota®, Docebo®, and the ROI Institute® in New Zealand and the wider APAC region.

Phone: +64 9 217 3006
HQ Address: Level 3, 81 Grafton Road, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

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Cognota and Complete Learning partner to bring the world’s first LearnOps® platform to the Australasian markets