The Need for a Knowledge Management Repository

Knowledge is everywhere you look.  Every employee has something valuable to contribute to the organization. Whether it be a new business idea, a new process for fixing a broken one, or valuable advice on how to work with a particular client, this knowledge should be captured and analyzed. Further, if this knowledge can result in […]

How to leverage employees to effectively develop training content

leverage employees to effectively develop training content

In the case you want to expand on what topics you offer to employees for training programs, you may want to set up an internal crowdsourcing campaign and leverage subject matter experts.  Here are a few suggestions on how to get started: Streamline your idea/intake process If you want to be innovative and capture new […]

Improve the ROI of your Training Development Efforts

Recent L&D Reports in corporate training state that only a third of business organizations feel as if their training programs meet expected results. And this means that over 60% of the organizations fail to generate any significant return on investment from the training they provide to employees and partners. As such, if you are planning […]

5 Ways You Can Improve Your Training Development Program

For any business organization to be successful, it is necessary that employees perform to the best of their capacity. However, this is only possible if the employees are constantly trained in the latest skills. It is with this understanding that training development programs started in the corporate world. And if you are in charge of […]

How Fast-Growing Companies Leverage Technology to Make Training More Effective

After reading and watching many articles and videos about the disruption in corporate learning and development space, I started thinking, “how do small to medium sized businesses (SMB) make sense of all of this”? Do SMBs really think, “Gee, I really need to understand all of the strategies being discussed by corporate L&D experts before […]

We Caught Up With Jennifer Rogers From Bluewater Learning

Cognota caught up with our friend Jennifer Rogers from Bluewater Learning to share her value insights on how learning & development professionals should approach “the speed of business” as it pertains to their learning projects. Jennifer is the Director of Content Solutions at Bluewater Learning and has over 15 years of expereince in performance-based, high-impact learning, leveraging […]

Cognota to Present at ASU + GSV Education Technology Summit

Austin, TX – May 1, 2017 – Cognota, the creators of the Learning Experience Design System (LXDS), announced that they will be speaking at the ASU + GSV Education Technology Summit on May 8-10 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Launched in late 2015 by a trio of cofounders (Ryan Austin, Josh Crohn and Sebastian Leks), Cognota […]