At Metrix, we develop strategy and design solutions that make change happen. We guide people and organizations towards a better future by providing innovative and effective learning and marketing solutions. We make it personal, impactful, and meaningful, to create an emotional connection so it resonates. We combine the art of storytelling with powerful writing, design, and development capabilities. This lets us bring innovative and creative approaches to drive awareness, maximize engagement, accelerate adoption, inspire a call to action – and ultimately produce true behavior change. Everything we create is custom and built-in strong partnerships with our clients so that we can meet each client’s specific and unique objectives. We consult across various industries, including, but not limited to, pharmaceutical, financial services, government, public and retail.

LearnOps Leadership Series


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Brandon Carson

Ryan is joined by Rob Lauber, former CLO at McDonald’s, to talk about structuring L&D functions for global operations and the shift to a “big picture” perspective for L&D.

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