L&D Processes Today vs. The Cognota Way

Operational Inefficiency

Disconnected L&D processes and poor visibility into projects and their statuses.

Training requests are received ad hoc through disconnected forms, email or spreadsheets.

Business partners get little feedback into where their request is in the queue, causing frustration and tension.

Projects prioritization happens in meetings to assess who is available and which projects should be worked on next.

Course design and planning happens in documents and spreadsheets, disconnected from intake and development.

SMEs contribute content via email, chat or project management tools, leaving designers to cut and paste information into specialized authoring tools.

Course review happens far into the development phase making rework time consuming and cumbersome.

Design and development are two entirely separate phases, lengthening the time it takes to get to a finished course.

Publishing courses to an LMS requires exporting a static SCORM file, importing into an LMS and updates and changes are made through a repeat of this process.

Operational Efficiency with Cognota

L&D projects and processes are managed in a single platform providing complete visibility into learning performance.

Training requests are managed through a dedicated portal with customizable, standardized forms so consistent information is captured.

Business partners have a dedicated dashboard so they know the status of every request they’ve made at a glance.

Project prioritization happens on the Synapse planning board showing full visibility into project ownership and status.

Course design and planning happens in a collaborative, platform, using templates to ensure quality and consistency.

SMEs contribute content directly into Synapse as collaborators on the project, and communicate directly within the platform.

Course review happens throughout development by tagging SMEs and stakeholders to ensure the course is aligned to business goals.

Design and development are done using an agile approach where a blueprint and prototype are developed in real time.

Publishing courses to an LMS is done through exporting a dynamic SCORM file that only needs to be imported into an LMS once with all updates happening in Synapse with a single click.

Status Quo vs. Cognota Way