Transform Learning Operations Into Business Impact

Streamline L&D operations, make data-driven decisions, and measure the ROI of your learning programs all in one platform.

✓ Move your L&D team from order takers to strategic advisors.

✓ Streamline L&D workflows from initial request to final outcomes.

✓ Maximize the performance of L&D resources and measure business impact.

✓ Transform LearnOps with access to events, academy, and community.

Results Cognota Clients Experience

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Functionality to Make Your L&D Team a Strategic Powerhouse


Set objectives that support your corporate vision and goals. Understand how you are investing in each objective.


Design objectives, evaluation plans, and collaborate to develop effective learning solutions with project teams.


Manage content, facilitators, events, and activities that cater to different learner and business needs to drive measurable outcomes.


Assess the effectiveness of learning programs and demonstrate the tangible return on learning investments.


Optimize LearnOps


Connect Cognota with your LMS and other tools. All of your data flows into Cognota for analysis and your team doesn’t have to constantly switch between platforms.

Transform Learning Operations With an Entire LearnOps Ecosystem

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LearnOps® Community

Join an online discussion board and monthly roundtable sessions with L&D peers and leaders across industries to share advice and expertise.

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Customer Success

You’ll have a Customer Success team member work directly with you to use Cognota as effectively as possible through training, monthly meetings and ongoing support.

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Free Workshops

Get direct access to Chief Learning Officers and meet Cognota’s CEO at one of our free LearnOps® workshops, where you can reinvent learning operations and interact with peers.

Built Specifically to Address L&D’s Needs and Challenges.

Learning Ops

Instructional Designers

Learning Leaders


Learning Ops

LearnOps professionals are able to ensure that the L&D team is working efficiently. They have access to extensive data into who can take on more work and are able to keep work progressing by removing bottlenecks.

Instructional Designers

Instructional designers and SMEs are able to quickly create content in a collaborative and agile way leveraging best practices and templates. Courses can be published or exported for sharing throughout the development process.

Learning Leaders

Learning Directors, VPs and Managers have full visibility into team performance. Information isn't siloed in different tools so they can spend more time on strategy and less time on administration.


Chief Learning Officers CLOs like to dig into the analytics and insights that Cognota provides so they can understand and share how L&D impacts business performance.

LearnOps® Software Empowers You to Run L&D Like a Business

A strong approach to Learning Operations allows you to run your team with greater efficiency and data-orientation, empowering you to demonstrate that L&D isn’t a cost center — it’s an essential business function. LearnOps® software brings the function’s most important elements, from alignment and planning to execution and analysis, into one place.