Webinar: How Technology and Data are Transforming the Role of L&D

Learning & Development has never seen itself in such a strategic role in the organization as it is right now. In terms of keeping a remote workforce connected, reskilling and upskilling employees, and fending off the Great Resignation, companies are leaning heavily on L&D. 

But to meet these demands, L&D has to be perfectly aligned with the business, able to quickly adapt to change, and deliver the right skills to the right people at the right time. Getting this done requires data, and lots of it. The Learning function must rethink its tools and capabilities when it comes to collecting, analyzing, and leveraging data.

View this on-demand webinar with David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst with Brandon Hall Group, and Nick Howe, Angel Investor and Strategic Advisor with Cognota, as they discuss strategies for leveraging data to build alignment and improve learning’s impact. They will discuss the kinds of tools and skills the learning function of the future will need to have to remain a strategic partner to the business.

From the session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify the kind of data L&D should be capturing
  • Use data for alignment with the business
  • Explore the skills L&D will require in the future
  • Understand technology’s role in capturing and leveraging data
brandon hall learning data webinar

View the On-Demand Webinar: