Webinar Recording – Stop Struggling with SMEs: Essential Tactics for Efficient Knowledge Capture

Speaker: Peggy Salvatore, author of “Working with SMEs: A Guide to Gathering and Organizing Content from Subject Matter Experts

In a perfect world, you wouldn’t need to rely on anyone except your own training team to create and deliver learning experiences.

But subject matter experts hold all the expert knowledge you need to create training that truly resonates with learners and impacts organizational performance.  

However, working with SMEs is not always smooth sailing. There are scheduling conflicts and  collaboration difficulties, not to mention their lack of instructional design knowledge. And that’s assuming you manage to identify and recruit the right SMEs to your training project in the first place.

Sometimes, it can feel like you’re both speaking different languages and getting everyone on the same page can be a struggle. Luckily, we have someone who can help you with the translations.

View the recording to see Peggy Salvatore, the expert who literally wrote the book on working with SMEs, share her tips and guidelines for creating lasting and productive relationships with subject matter experts.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify and recruit valuable SMEs in your organization
  • Collaborate with SMEs in the most effective way throughout your project
  • Overcome a lack of instructional design knowledge amongst your SMEs
  • Ensure working relationships stay productive and don’t break down
working with smes webinar

View the Webinar Recording:

Introducing guest speaker Peggy Salvatore

Peggy Salvatore is a published author, trainer and facilitator. She has written 4 books on how to work with experts in the training and corporate environments. 

In the fourth book in the series on knowledge management, Retaining Expert Knowledge: What to Keep in an Age of Information Overload published in 2018 by C&C Press, Peggy explores the value of expertise to your organization, why it is important to capture critical knowledge, how to retain it and how to choose what’s important in an age of exploding information.

Peggy has presented workshops on how to work with subject matter experts at conferences, inside organizations and on webinars. In her early career, she was a daily newspaper journalist covering government and politics. Since then, she has been writing B2B materials for industry, especially in the pharmaceutical sector, with a focus on reimbursement, manufacturing quality and strategic planning.

Her latest book, 30 Days to the New Economy, is a 2015 reissue with a new foreword for a post-COVID-19 world, that looks at trends in the larger economy undergoing a revolution.

She earned an MBA with a concentration in economics and strategy from the New York Institute of Technology. Peggy can be reached at workingwithsmes@gmail.com 

peggy salvatore working with smes
working with smes webinar

Webinar Recording – Stop Struggling with SMEs: Essential Tactics for Efficient Knowledge Capture

Webinar Recording – Stop Struggling with SMEs: Essential Tactics for Efficient Knowledge Capture