[Webinar] 2023 Learning & Development Industry Outlook

As we roll into 2023, there are potentially turbulent times on the horizon that also come with exciting opportunities for corporate learning and development teams.

Market uncertainty means L&D leaders may have to lead while under pressure and with less resources. But you can get ahead of the curve and ensure your function is operationally equipped to meet  challenges while maximizing opportunity.

In this special industry outlook webinar recorded on January 18th at 1pm (ET), we welcomed leading industry analysts, learning technology  investors, and experienced CLOs to provide their expert insight into what to expect in the year ahead.

Moderated by Debbie Richards, Chief Technology Officer at Creative Interactive Ideas and former ATD Houston president, our expert panel included:

  • Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer and Principal HCM Analyst at Brandon Hall Group
  • Sanket Merchant, Partner and Lead Investor at PeakSpan Capital
  • Michele Ricchiuto, Global Learning and Development Director at Allstate

Plus, you’ll learn how Cognota’s LearnOps® technology can empower you to increase and demonstrate business alignment and impact. 

The session includes:

  • A panel of leading industry experts to discuss the 2023 outlook of the corporate L&D industry and how to respond quickly to market conditions. 
  • The concept of LearnOps®: What it is and how it will influence the way L&D teams work and succeed in 2023 and beyond.
  • A look at Cognota’s LearnOps® platform, including FY23 focus areas and planned roadmap investments areas of the future.
2023 learning and development industry outlook webinar

View the on-demand webinar:

2023 learning and development industry outlook webinar

[Webinar] 2023 Learning & Development Industry Outlook

[Webinar] 2023 Learning & Development Industry Outlook