Webinar Recording – Harnessing Change: Agile Methods for L&D

Recorded: March 17th, 3PM EST
Guest Speaker: Megan Torrance

The software industry is embracing Agile project management and there is much that we in learning & development can learn from them. Agile provides a framework for adapting to change as it happens and working with the project sponsor to deliver what’s most needed by learners.

In a rapidly changing environment, the Agile mindset helps us harness change for good (instead of resisting it) and Agile techniques offer solutions for making constant change a practical reality. Rapid iterative cycles of design & evaluation allow us to test our solutions before full implementation, opening the doors to constructive change along the way.

And yet, software development projects face different challenges and have different needs than instructional design projects. A strict implementation of Agile methods may not apply to your L&D work. What can we borrow from this useful mindset and approach, and what do we need to shape specifically for an instructional or learning experience type of project?

In this session, we welcome Megan Torrance, Founder and CEO of TorranceLearning and author of Agile for Instructional Designers: Iterative Project Management, to share some of her industry-renowned expertise on all things Agile in L&D.

After starting with a quick definition of Agile and its use within the L&D space, you’ll learn how L&D teams that use Agile handle constant change, build relationships and get the job done.

Specifically you will learn:

  • How Agile in L&D is applied differently from the rest of the organization
  • How Agile helps L&D teams meet business needs when those needs are rapidly changing
  • How L&D teams can build strong relationships with SMEs, sponsors and stakeholders
  • How iterative development and evaluation moves projects along faster

View the Webinar Recording:

About Megan:

Megan Torrance is CEO and founder of TorranceLearning, which helps organizations connect learning strategy to design, development, data and ultimately performance. Megan has over 25 years of experience in learning design, deployment and consulting. Megan and the TorranceLearning team are passionate about sharing what works in learning so they devote considerable time to teaching and sharing about Agile project management for learning experience design and the xAPI. TorranceLearning hosts the xAPI Learning Cohort, a free, virtual 12-week learning-by-doing opportunity where teams form on the fly and create proof-of-concept xAPI projects.

Megan is the author of Agile for Instructional Designers, The Quick Guide to LLAMA, and two ATD TD at Work publications: Agile and LLAMA® for ISD Project Management and Making Sense of xAPI. She is a frequent speaker at conferences nationwide. TorranceLearning projects have won several Brandon Hall Group awards, the 2014 xAPI Hyperdrive contest at DevLearn, and back-to-back Learning Guild DemoFest Best-In-Show awards in 2016/2017 with xAPI projects. TorranceLearning is a 2018 Michigan 50 Companies to Watch. In 2019, the Learning Guild named Megan as a Guild Master for her contributions to professional development in the workplace L&D industry.

A graduate of Cornell University with a degree in Communication and an MBA, and an eCornell Facilitator in the Women’s Leadership curriculum, Megan lives and works near Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Webinar Recording – Harnessing Change: Agile Methods for L&D

Webinar Recording – Harnessing Change: Agile Methods for L&D