Webinar: CLO Secrets Revealed! Showing the Impact of Your L&D Team

In this webinar session, we welcomed award-winning Chief Learning Officer, Dr. Sydney Savion, to share her wealth of experience and expertise on measuring and showcasing L&D’s impact.

There’s no doubt that learning and development teams are earning seats at the strategic table. Executive leadership is increasingly recognizing the bottom-line impact a well defined L&D strategy can bring to the business.

But many L&D teams still find it challenging to get the C-suite on board with the resources needed to implement learning solutions that make a real difference. And without the right resources in place, the efficiency of your learning operations and the level of business impact you achieve can lag behind.

So how can you articulate the impact of your efforts and prove your case for much needed resources? Tying learning solutions to business outcomes requires data, input, and collaboration from across the organization – including operational data from within the L&D team itself. 

In this on-demand webinar recorded on March 2nd at 3pm (ET), Dr. Savion, CLO at Cityblock Health, shares how you can frame learning as a strategic asset to the C-suite. During the session, Dr. Savion shares how you can:

  • Uncover opportunities for learning interventions in organizational performance 
  • Effectively tie your L&D strategy and programs to business outcomes 
  • Codify your data to demonstrate learning as a business performance enabler
  • Leverage your learning operations to support strategic learning and business goals
sydney savion learning measurement webinar

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sydney savion learning measurement webinar

Webinar: CLO Secrets Revealed! Showing the Impact of Your L&D Team