Webinar Recording – Boosting Operational Efficiency for L&D: A Data-Based Recipe for Accurate Planning & Scheduling

Recorded: May 27th, 3PM EST
Guest Speaker: Robyn A. Defelice, PhD

Have you ever tried cooking a complex meal without a list of ingredients, measurements and cooking times in front of you? If so, you’ll know that it spells disaster for your stress levels in the kitchen, the quality of the meal you produce and the enjoyment of the people you’re serving.

Similarly, your L&D operations can impact how efficiently your team works, the quality of the training produced and the satisfaction levels of your stakeholders. When you don’t have a tight grasp on how long it takes your team to create different types of training, all of your operations and outputs suffer the consequences. Capacity planning and resource management become difficult or inaccurate. Your training team becomes weighed down and burned out. Scheduling projects is little more than a shot in the dark.

So, what’s the recipe for optimal operational efficiency in L&D? 

In this recorded webinar, Robyn A. Defelice, PhD, shared her expertise garnered over a 20 year career as a learning strategist and consultant. Through her ongoing study in conjunction with ATD, Robyn has been answering the question of “how long does it take to create training” for over a decade.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Collect and collate L&D operational data 
  • Leverage that data to inform capacity planning & resource management
  • Gain insight into the agility of your L&D team’s operations
  • Model your operational data to predict resource availability in relation to training demand
robyn a defelice webinar

Watch the Webinar Recording:

About Robyn:

Robyn A. Defelice, PhD is a strategist and consultant in the learning and performance arena with over 20 years of experience. She is the co-author of Microlearning: Short and Sweet and has been providing an answer to How Long Does it Take to Develop Training for nearly 13 years.

She specializes in enterprise learning management and centralization of training functions. Her focus is on maturing processes, operational frameworks, and talent. As a learning strategist she concentrates on performance development, developing agile learning programs and evaluative plans to measure impact.

Robyn’s portfolio includes a range of industries and sectors, such as, major health and insurance systems and pharmaceutical sales, financial institutions, research, and manufacturing. She has also assisted multiple startups, higher education departments, and state and government agencies and programs.

Robyn is an advocate for learning and development teams and individuals; helping them to understand their own challenges and capabilities for success. As a mentor and career coach, she assists professionals with discovering their core strengths and mapping their next steps in the field. She also provides experiential opportunities to students through a partnership with Bloomsburg University’s Department of Instructional Design and Technology and For The Cause, a regional non-profit.

She has a decade’s worth of teaching experience from instructing graduate level courses at both LaSalle University and Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. Her teaching emphasizes the art, science, and business of instructional design.

Robyn is also a frequent presenter at conferences and guest on podcasts providing insight into current and emerging trends in the field. As a self proclaimed geek for industry data on the how, what, and why of learning and development, she uses her research and client experiences to create informative and practical sessions.

robyn a defelice webinar

Webinar Recording – Boosting Operational Efficiency for L&D: A Data-Based Recipe for Accurate Planning & Scheduling

Webinar Recording – Boosting Operational Efficiency for L&D: A Data-Based Recipe for Accurate Planning & Scheduling