Webinar Recording: 5 Keys for Effective Virtual Classroom Training with Kassy LaBorie

Speaker: Kassy LaBorie, Virtual Classroom Master Trainer

Whatever name we have given it, online training, virtual instructor-led training, or synchronous training to list just a few, it’s still us conducting live training with real people using computers, headsets, microphones, internet, and an online meeting platform like Zoom, WebEx, or Adobe Connect. 

And it’s not as easy as we would all like it to be even during the best of times. With tasks such as sorting out logins and passwords, getting the materials and slides ready for online viewing, and helping participants get connected, it’s no wonder we struggle to make live online training effective and engaging.  

In this webinar, we are excited to welcome guest speaker Kassy LaBorie, Virtual Classroom Master Trainer, to share with us her five key areas and the specific tasks and strategies to help make you, your team, and your organization successful with online training.

During this session, learn leading practices for creating and delivering effective and engaging online training by…

  • Mastering the online training technology
  • Preparing Trainers to deliver virtually
  • Enabling Instructional Designers to create materials
  • Leveraging a Producer for technical support
  • And of course, preparing Attendees to learn online
virtual training webinar

Watch the Webinar:

Introducing guest speaker Kassy LaBorie

Kassy is the founder and principal consultant at Kassy LaBorie Consulting, LLC. As a virtual classroom master trainer, she specializes in developing trainers to be engaging and effective when facilitating programs in platforms such as Zoom, WebEx, Adobe Connect, and more. Kassy has worked with many Fortune 500 firms in a wide range of industries and sectors including hospitality, pharma, energy, government, NGOs, non-profits, and more.

As well as training and coaching producers and instructional designers tasked with creating or converting content for virtual classroom delivery, she advises L&D leaders in areas such as virtual classroom strategy, technology selection, and logistics amongst others.

You can catch Kassy as a speaker, expert panelist, or workshop trainer regularly at events such as ATD ICE, ATD TechKnowledge, Training Magazine’s 125 Conference, TechLearn, Learning Solutions, DevLearn, and many more. Or, you can get a copy of her book, co-authored with Thomas Stone, Interact and Engage! 50+ Activities for Virtual Training, Meetings, and Webinars (ATD Press, 2015).

virtual training webinar

Webinar Recording: 5 Keys for Effective Virtual Classroom Training with Kassy LaBorie

Webinar Recording: 5 Keys for Effective Virtual Classroom Training with Kassy LaBorie