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Instructional Design Quiz

During times like these, it’s essential not to lose sight of the fundamental principles that create effective training experiences and drive success for L&D.

In this instructional design quiz, you’ll test your knowledge of instructional design principles and theories and see if there is anything you need to brush up on! Will you be top of the class or hitting the books for some much needed revision?

If you’ve been creating training but weren’t bowled over by the results, it may be time to take a step back and figure out exactly where you’re going wrong.

When learning isn’t moving the needle of organizational performance, it’s often because the training team needs to go back to basics. Instructional design principles are the foundation of great training, but they need to be embedded in your design processes in order to make a difference.

But what makes great instructional design? For starters, you need the kind of expertise that will back up your design decisions while building a new course. An understanding of adult learning theory and instructional design models are paramount to creating successful training experiences. Your learners will enjoy richer and more effective learning experiences. Your organization will enjoy the bottom-line benefits of effective training for the workforce. And you’ll feel more confident and comfortable in the world of instructional design. 

So, take a moment to test your knowledge with this instructional design quiz to see if you need to re-learn some of the core principles, or if the knowledge is there but it’s your implementation that needs a helping hand.

The quiz comprises 16 questions, each one designed to test your knowledge of adult learning theory and design principles. Once you’re finished, you’ll be ranked according to your performance and your results will be sent to you by email so you can look back over what you missed. Good luck!

Quiz – Back to Basics: How Well Do You Really Know Your Instructional Design Fundamentals?

Quiz – Back to Basics: How Well Do You Really Know Your Instructional Design Fundamentals?