Free Template – Training ROI Calculator

You and your team put a lot of time and effort into creating training. But when it comes to proving your value to the rest of the organization, it’s essential to speak their language.

Talking about improved skills profiles and learner engagement rates is fine, but what will really get other departments and the C-suite excited is showing how training has directly impacted business KPIs.

Calculating training ROI means tying the learning experiences you produce directly to bottom line results. Whether it’s improving sales results or reducing the compliance risk for the organization, showing how training is directly saving time, money and driving performance is a surefire way to prove L&D’s value to the organization.  

With this training ROI calculator template, you’ll be able to:

  • Immediately calculate the ROI of your onboarding, sales enablement, compliance, and customer service training
  • Calculate the ROI for any type of training or initiative you have completed
  • Show the direct impact of your L&D team’s efforts on business performance
  • Calculate the time and budget savings made for the organization as a result of training initiatives
  • Instantly produce ROI charts for a visually impactful representation of your results
training ROI

Download the Calculator:

training ROI

Free Template – Training ROI Calculator