Free Template – Training Project Resources Required Calculator

When you’ve got a new training project due to kick off, how do you allocate resources or decide on a project deadline? 

Every training project is unique, so it can be tricky to assess the hours and budget your L&D team will need to dedicate to the development of a new course. But having this information on hand is crucial when it comes to efficiently allocating resources to different training projects and communicating with your stakeholders.

Luckily, there are some industry benchmarks you can use to calculate the resources you’ll need for any given training project. And we’ve bundled them all together in a handy template so you can estimate the hours and budget you’ll need for different types of training development.

With this template, you’ll be able to:

  • Calculate the total hours different types of training projects will take to complete
  • See how many L&D team members you’ll need to complete a project within a specific amount of time
  • Estimate the budget you’ll need for your training projects
  • Communicate budgetary and resource requirements for a project back to your stakeholders
  • Effectively allocate resources to a project to avoid missing deadlines
training project resources calculator

Download the Template:

training project resources calculator

Free Template – Training Project Resources Required Calculator