Free eBook – The L&D Audit: How to Ensure Your Learning Organization is Ready for Change

Change isn’t just on the horizon. It’s already here and has been massively accelerated by events such as the Covid pandemic. Things like skills obsolescence and digital transformation have been an ongoing concern for organizations worldwide for some time, but are now reaching critical levels of urgency for businesses who want to remain competitive. 

In the midst of all this, L&D leaders find themselves in a position that presents challenge and opportunity in equal parts. Training programs and learning strategies will undoubtedly play a decisive role in how successfully your organization manages this ongoing change. L&D departments will have the opportunity to influence organizational performance like never before. With that opportunity comes the challenge of making sure your department is fully equipped to rise to the occasion.  

That’s where a top to bottom audit of your learning organization comes into play. Establishing the current state of your department across all dimensions ensures you’re better able to respond to organizational demand, operate as efficiently as possible, and align with the needs and priorities of stakeholders.

In this eBook, you will learn how to:

  • Create value by assessing and improving L&D fundamentals such as your learning strategy
  • Improve stakeholder relationships and engagement for more efficient collaboration
  • Accurately assess your team’s capacity and resources for more predictable outcomes
  • Save waste and drive efficiency with a learning operations audit
  • Benchmark your L&D team’s digital maturity and prioritize digital transformation initiatives for maximum operational impact
learning and development audit ebook

Download the eBook:

learning and development audit ebook

Free eBook – The L&D Audit: How to Ensure Your Learning Organization is Ready for Change