Free Download: Learner Persona Template

When your training team begins to design a new learning experience, there are lots of decisions to take into account. How should the training look? Should this be led by an instructor or delivered online? How interactive does it need to be? What type of content will work best:  visuals, text or video?

There isn’t always a straightforward answer to any of these questions. But there are tools you can put in place to help guide these decisions and produce the most engaging and effective learning experience possible.

A learner persona is an imaginary learner who best personifies a specific demographic within your organization. It outlines their preferences, goals, and challenges so your learning designers can make empathetic decisions about all the design elements of a course.

The result? Courses and learning experiences tailor made for your learner’s preferences, better engagement rates and, best of all, improved learning outcomes. 

Download this learner persona template to outline your learning audience’s:

  • Bio and profile
  • Learning preferences
  • Challenges and frustrations
  • Goals and ambitions
woman developing learner persona template

Download the Template:

woman developing learner persona template

Free Download: Learner Persona Template