Free Course – The Fundamentals of Successful eLearning Project Management

Many L&D professionals will never have experienced the unicorn project. The one where everything runs smoothly with no hiccups and everyone is satisfied with the result.

But you may have experienced the other end of the spectrum. The one where deadlines sail past and getting stakeholders to understand your time constraints is a consistent struggle. The one where subject matter experts try to take the lead on course design and scope creep starts to push your budget to its very limit.

If you’d like to learn tactics for avoiding these common eLearning project management challenges, check out this course. Created using insights from a recent webinar with award-winning eLearning designer, Tim Slade, this course has been built to help you move from order taker to project owner so you can keep eLearning projects on track and on budget.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Structure a kick-off meeting that aligns all members of the training project towards a common goal
  • Create project documentation that enables your team to understand scope and meet deadlines
  • Manage stakeholder relationships for a win-win scenario for L&D and the business
  • Foster productive partnerships with SMEs and stakeholders
  • Move from order taker to project owner to ensure project success
elearning project management course

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