Customer Success Snapshot: Curbell Plastics

With over 600 employees and a learning and development department of four, Curbell Plastics was finding it a challenge to keep track of the training team’s workload.

There were a lot of moving parts to consider. Requests for training were streaming in from business partners through multiple channels. The L&D department was also dealing with a large backlog of revision tasks and trying to keep track of their training assets on an Excel file. Training Manager, Ashley Riley, wanted to find a way to create better processes, more efficiently distribute tasks throughout the team, and more effectively manage the intake of training requests.

Download Curbell Plastics’ Customer Success Snapshot to learn how the team leveraged Synapse to:

  • Maintain visibility into the training team’s current and upcoming workload
  • More efficiently distribute tasks throughout the team
  • Gain a more in-depth understanding of the demand for training in the organization
  • Streamline their processes from training requests through to planning and prioritizing their workload
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Download the Customer Success Snapshot