Eric Dingler
Former Managing Director and Chief Learning Officer at Deloitte
Eric Dingler is a seasoned leader and retired senior human resources executive from the “Big 4” firms. He has over 30 years of experience enabling organizations to cultivate nimble, high-performing workforces. He recently served as Managing Director and Chief Learning Officer of Deloitte, leading learning and development initiatives for over 120,000 practitioners. During his tenure at Deloitte, Eric developed a $1.4 billion transformation strategy to support the future of work, focusing on precision development at scale across technology, functional, and leadership skills.  Eric’s career journey began as an auditor at Arthur Andersen before transitioning to consulting and subsequently holding Talent Leadership roles at Coca-Cola, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and The Gap Eric is also a contributing-author of the upcoming book The Talent-Fueled Enterprise – A Powerful Approach to Build Tomorrow’s Workforce, scheduled for release in June 2024.
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Eric Dingler

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Eric Dingler