L&D Needs to Transform Itself First Before Transforming Others

According to Deloitte, less than 6 percent of L&D leaders believe that their teams have the necessary capabilities to provide mobile learning or to use MOOCs, simulations, audio, or video effectively. More encouragingly — though still surprisingly low — 38 percent of L&D professionals think that their organizations are ready for the learners of the […]

Surprise! Millennials Are Not Lazy

‘Millennials are not lazy,’ writes TalentCulture Founder and CEO Meghan Biro in a recent article in Entrepreneur magazine. Biro goes on to explain that millennials seek fulfilling work, with an employer and in an environment which does not have them compromise their work. And with millennials now the largest generation in the workplace, it behooves […]

Why ‘Watch and Learn’ Training Fails

In a recent Harvard Business Review article, ‘Is Your Company Encouraging Employees to Share What They Know?’, author Christopher Myers points out that while organizations invest significant resources in handbooks, protocols, formal mentoring programs, and knowledge management systems to share employees’ experiences for the purpose of creating in-house training programs, the Fortune 500 still lose […]