4 Ways You’re Managing Training Projects Wrong

managing training projects

L&D teams work hard to deliver training that inspires and engages learners while delivering performance-driving organizational impact. So it can be frustrating when you’re managing training projects and continually finding it stressful and challenging. Some of those frustrations include missing deadlines, struggling to work efficiently with stakeholders, dealing with moving goalposts when it comes to […]

What is Rough Cut Capacity Planning?

rough cut capacity planning

Capacity planning is the process of weighing supply (availability and skillsets of project contributors) against demand (how many projects you plan to undertake in a given timeframe).  Capacity planning is a higher level task that assesses demand and helps you understand how much work your team should be taking on over a given time period. […]

Importance of Subject Matter Experts: The Pros and Cons of Working with SMEs

importance of subject matter experts

It’s often seen as a burden on training professionals and instructional designers, but the importance of subject matter experts and working with them cannot be understated. But take heart – it’s not all bad! There are plenty of pros to working with subject matter experts, both for the SMEs themselves and for the training team. […]

5 Training Project Management Tips for More Effective Course Creation

The lifeblood of course creation is the team that builds it. Without proper and effective collaboration and project management in place, the course will not be developed effectively, leading to learner disappointment and lower ROI. Teams certainly need to harness the right project management tools and software in order to track assignments and ensure that […]

How to Set Up Subject Matter Experts for Success on Training Projects

SME working on a training project

We continue to focus on helping L&D teams optimize the course building process. It’s imperative that the process of building learning experiences proves valuable for all stakeholders, including the outsiders temporarily brought in to help build that course—namely, subject matter experts (SMEs). No two course projects are identical. Indeed, what processes worked for one team […]

Working with Subject Matter Experts: A Project Timeline

As learning needs escalate for organizations of all sizes, finding the best way to rapidly build courses and get them to learners is a challenge. Most course content is highly dependent on subject matter experts (SMEs). Their input is crucial, and even though a course might be built using well-designed templates that facilitate the generation […]

4 Ways to Encourage Training Project Commitment from Your SMEs

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs): we need their content to build our courses. We may have the most advanced authoring tools or the most engaging design elements in place, but without content, there’s no course. We’ve written before about working with SMEs, and we thought it was time to have another look at the best ways […]

How to Manage Training Projects and Work With SMEs Remotely

remote training projects

Remote working has transformed the learning landscape. We’ve previously covered the way the delivery of training has changed and how to keep employees engaged. But the new landscape also has implications for the way training teams manage training projects and create new learning experiences.  Managing training projects remotely may be a completely new experience for […]

Training Intake and Project Readiness: Advice from the Experts

project readiness

Last week, we welcomed Laura Doerr, Senior & Lead Project Manager at eLearning Brothers, for a webinar called “Transforming Your Training Intake Process for Successful Course Launch.” Laura shared her framework for setting your training project team up for success long before project kick-off – a framework she calls “Readiness.” Many L&D pros experience similar […]