How to Optimize Capacity Planning for Stronger Learning Outcomes

capacity planning optimization

We’ve written previously about capacity planning as it relates to L&D. From strategic planning to cost reduction to skills management, benefits abound. However, capacity planning is certainly not without its challenges. Many L&D teams have become overwhelmed recently with sudden business disruptions and shifting business priorities. Below are a few suggestions to help learning leaders […]

Why Strengthening Your Training Intake System Leads to Better Planning for L&D

team call working from home

Productivity and how to maximize it is top of mind for many L&D leaders right now. With the demand for training skyrocketing due to unforeseen world events in 2020, training teams have had to quickly pivot with shifting priorities. Not only that, but they’re often having to manage these challenges with frozen budgets and staff […]

Why You Should Encourage Employees to Submit Training Requests

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was some way you could demonstrate to senior management that L&D is not a group of order takers, but rather a team of analysts and evaluators on the pulse of EVERY learning experience under consideration across the organization? Does this sound too good to be true? It’s not, and […]

Tweaks to Your Training Request Process That Will Increase Learner Engagement

You’ve worked so hard to build a training intake system. But apart from delivering you more requests, is it making your learners more engaged? We’ve written extensively before about the need to streamline the training request process. Not only does a well-planned, automated system reduce paperwork and headaches, but it also increases learner engagement, helping […]

The Strategic Importance of Training Intake to Corporate Learning

strategic training intake

As executive interest in the impact of the learning and development function grows, training teams are trying to find better ways to align their training programs with strategic business initiatives.  Where some teams are still lagging behind is the training intake process. From the moment your learners realize a need for training to the kick-off […]

Training Intake and Project Readiness: Advice from the Experts

project readiness

Last week, we welcomed Laura Doerr, Senior & Lead Project Manager at eLearning Brothers, for a webinar called “Transforming Your Training Intake Process for Successful Course Launch.” Laura shared her framework for setting your training project team up for success long before project kick-off – a framework she calls “Readiness.” Many L&D pros experience similar […]

9 Training Intake Metrics You Need to Start Tracking

training intake analytics

Learning and development have been a little late to the party in terms of big data, analytics, and implementing data-driven strategies. But as interest in the function grows, especially among executive management, learning pros are looking for bigger and better ways to report on their organizational impact. Training intake metrics are some of the most […]

Rejecting Training Requests Doesn’t Have to be All or Nothing


We realize that you cannot do it all. Previously in this blog, we’ve covered how to decline a training request. We’ve also discussed what questions to add to a training request intake form so that you can, early on, have a better idea of which training you will most likely need to outsource. So when […]

Evaluating Requests for External Training Solutions: When You Can’t Do It All

external training

Evaluating training requests can be overwhelming—even when you have to say no. While there can be a process for declining training requests, you should also have a plan in place to provide contingency training: those external resources that would make for a perfect fit for your employees when the L&D team simply can’t develop the […]