Training Budgets: How to Set, Optimize, and Track Them

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Your training budget needs to be more than a shot in the dark, but how can you go about calculating it and producing an accurate prediction of your training costs? Not only will those approving your training budget want to see some justification for your calculations, but your budget allocation also plays a significant role […]

4 Ready-to-Use Learning and Development Budget Templates

training budget tips

Training Budget Templates to Identify and Assign Resources How much should the L&D department spend on training? Some companies have years of experience—and data—that help them understand just how much a learning initiative should cost. However, technologies, needs, and learner preferences change. What might have worked just one year ago might not be applicable now, […]

6 Ways to Make Your Training Budget Stretch Further

training budget tips

Everyone is doing more with less today—especially today’s beleaguered L&D teams. With the need for training and skill support at an all-time high, L&D teams can benefit by seeking efficiencies and discovering ways to make their training budgets stretch further. Let’s have a look at a few strategies that can help learning leaders accomplish more […]

How to Handle Training Budget Changes in 2021

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If 2020 was the year of change and flux, then 2021 is looking likely to be a year of picking up the pieces and adjusting to a new state of play. While the ripples of a global pandemic and upset markets have reached almost all corners of the organization, learning and development teams were amongst […]