Learning and Development Analytics: For Beginners to Experts

learning and development data and analytics

Data is to a technology-driven society what dust is to the air. It’s ubiquitous. It’s huge beyond comprehension–and constantly changing.  In order to manage the overwhelming amount of data generated every minute, the science of data analytics was born. In general, data analytics is the qualitative and quantitative process of clarifying data sets in order […]

Are You Measuring Learner Engagement Wrong?

measuring learner engagement

You’ve spent weeks or months developing a new online course, and you’re delighted to see that learner engagement levels are through the roof! You carefully considered the learning objectives, agonized over content design, and tried to make the flow and assessments interesting. Course adoption rates and completion rates are high and it seems to be […]

Training Analytics: 7 Metrics Every L&D Leader Should be Tracking

training analytics

Learning and development teams spend many hours developing training courses for employees. But without a sufficient feedback loop, questions are raised: is this training effective? Do employees find it useful? Are we properly supporting organizational goals and improving performance Without properly set up training analytics, it can be anyone’s guess as to whether the carefully […]