How to Win Internal Buy-In for New Learning Technology

new learning technology

Whether you’ve been asked to find a new solution, or you’ve stumbled across some software that you just know would do wonders for your team, convincing those with the actual purchasing power isn’t always the simplest of tasks. If the purse strings are in someone else’s hands and they’re the ones you need to convince, […]

The Future of Corporate Training: What You Need to Know About AI in eLearning

future of corporate training

Artificial Intelligence has been steadily creeping into our technologies for several years now, but it has come to the fore more recently as tools like chatbots, voice-powered assistants and content recommendations on different platforms have become the norm. In the learning and development arena, eLearning has become an invaluable tool for creating operational efficiencies over […]

Collision 2019: The Highlights

collision 2019

This week, we took the opportunity to attend Collision 2019, right here in our hometown of Toronto! Collision is the fastest-growing tech conference in North America, with 25,000 of the best and brightest minds in tech in attendance. Whether you’re a buyer or seller, or you’re simply fascinated by the latest developments in the industry, we highly […]