How Measurement Can Supercharge LearnOps and Improve Learning Outcomes Across the Organization

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On Wednesday, March 20, 2024, Cognota co-hosted a webinar with ROI Institute, Data-Driven L&D: Leveraging Measurement for Decision-Making and Learning Operations, that explored the ongoing transformation in L&D, measurement, and decision-making. Cognota founder and CEO Ryan Austin was joined by Patti P. Phillips, Ph.D., CEO of ROI Institute; Katharine Aldana, Associate at ROI Institute, and […]

How to Calculate and Maximize Training ROI

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Any initiative should have a return on investment—or why go through with the project in the first place? When the performance of people is involved, it’s difficult to know whether the training worked. Leaders would like to measure the business impact, most importantly whether the training was able to bring about improved work performance that […]

Proving Corporate Training ROI: 5 Steps to Aligning Learning With Corporate Goals

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It’s a challenge the learning and development community has been struggling with for years: how can we prove a tangible ROI on corporate training programs? Budgets have increased and studies have shown that the importance of training programs is being recognized by executive level management more and more each year. However, while learning analytics and […]

7 Insider Secrets to Re-Defining Training Objectives to Maximize ROI

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Training objectives set employee expectations, measure success, and monitor resource-draining gaps. In this article, I´ll share 7 insider secrets to re-evaluate and re-define them in order to maximize returns. How To Maximize ROI By Re-Defining Your Training Objectives Every organization must endure its fair share of growing pains. Expanding your online presence and global reach […]

Assessing the ROI of Employee Training

As an employer, there are many questions to be answered when considering to invest in employee training. How much should I budget to train a new employee? How much time should an existing employee spend in training every month? Can I afford to take people away from the job for training? How do I know […]

Align Subject Matter Experts with Business Needs for Better Learning

This blog has previously covered the importance of aligning learning with the needs of the business. Here’s how to work with subject matter experts (SMEs) for maximum effect. The word learning, which has largely replaced training in the corporate lexicon, suggests “knowledge for its own sake.” However, to justify its existence, corporate learning needs to […]

Reverse Engineer Learning Initiatives and Business Outcomes

For learning and development executives, training needs to be tied directly to business outcomes. It is safe to say that the future of the learning function lies not in pushing stale ‘interactive’ tutorials that simply require a box to be checked once they are completed. If learning executives want to prove their value to the […]