How to Plan and Implement a Successful Upskilling Strategy

upskilling strategy plan

The workforce is facing change and uncertainty at a greater scale and more rapid pace than ever before. Leadership must find a way to harness that change to stabilize performance and fuel productivity rather than simply enduring the ongoing chaos. Not only that, but it’s becoming increasingly necessary to manage the consequent upheaval of this […]

Digital Transformation in L&D: Measuring Your Progress

digital transformation in learning and development

The digital transformation of learning and development has been a topic of discussion in the industry for a while now. Many L&D teams have already begun their digital transformation journey, but are challenged with creating a formal structure around planning and implementation.  That’s because, firstly, digital transformation is about more than just new technology implementation. […]

Moving Beyond Learner Engagement to Influencing Organizational Performance

employee engagement

Learner engagement is always top of mind for learning and development teams. But, to achieve high levels of learner engagement, L&D needs to look beyond learner engagement and start seeing the role of training in the wider context of overall employee engagement. Learner engagement offers L&D a prime opportunity to impact organizational performance and cement […]

5 Benefits of Social Learning for the Remote Workforce

social learning

Now that we live our lives with smartphone in hand, social interaction is part of our everyday lives in realtime. This level of connectivity is quickly making its way into how organizations operate, and L&D is no exception. Social learning is nothing new, but current events provide the perfect opportunity to cement its place in […]

How to Diagnose Organizational Training Needs Using Your Training Intake Process

organizational training needs

In LinkedIn’s 2020 Workplace Learning Report, understanding what skills to build or what courses to develop was listed as a top 10 challenge by 22% of learning professionals. Meanwhile, 21% cited demonstrating the value of learning as an obstacle and 17% said earning executive buy-in was a top challenge. These numbers paint a picture of […]