7 L&D Technology Trends to Look Out for in 2023 and Beyond

training and development tech trends 2023

Training expenditures passed the $100 billion-mark for the first time in 2021-2022, according to Training magazine’s 2022 Training Industry Report. While this figure includes facilities, equipment, and salaries, technology spend was also a large portion of this. The magazine found that on average, organizations spent 16 percent of their budget or $382,729 (up from $337,190 […]

12 Needs Assessment Tools & Techniques to Support Them

tools for needs analysis

Learning and development professionals use tools and techniques to help them identify the skill and knowledge gaps in their organizations. Many training needs assessment techniques still rely on tried-and-true methods such as questionnaires, focus groups, job mapping and interviews.  However, increasing numbers of needs assessment tools for corporate training are now based on technology that […]

How AR is Transforming eLearning

AR in learning and development

The terms “augmented reality” and “virtual reality” might still seem like tools for the future, but that’s only because you might be thinking of them in a Hollywood way. Sure, they make for good sci-fi plots, but what do they have to do with eLearning?  Virtual reality and augmented reality aren’t just for movie plotlines […]

Ask the Experts: Digital Transformation in L&D

digital transformation expert l&d

In a survey in 2019, 70% of respondents said their organization was either in the midst of their digital transformation plan or was putting one in place. There’s no doubt that events in 2020 ramped up the level of urgency around the implementation of digital transformation. But how do those strategies and plans translate into […]

Best eLearning Project Management Tools to Try in 2021

Managing or participating in an eLearning development project can be full of potential pitfalls and challenges. Going beyond instructional design processes and authoring tools, there are lots of areas of eLearning development that need a helping hand from technology. When there are so many moving parts to keep track of, even learning and development projects […]

8 Tips for Getting Started with Digital Transformation in L&D

digital transformation

Digital transformation has become one of the most urgent and critical business strategies for organizations big and small across all industries. But only 21% of North American and European businesses say that their digital transformation is “done.” Learning and development plays a critical role in supporting digital transformation across the organization. But what about the […]

Digital Transformation in L&D: Measuring Your Progress

digital transformation in learning and development

The digital transformation of learning and development has been a topic of discussion in the industry for a while now. Many L&D teams have already begun their digital transformation journey, but are challenged with creating a formal structure around planning and implementation.  That’s because, firstly, digital transformation is about more than just new technology implementation. […]

Why L&D Needs to Ditch Disparate Tools for Purpose-Built Technology Solutions

For some time now, learning and development has been experiencing a deluge of new technology and tools to enable training teams to make the leap into online learning and digital content creation.  Most of the technology available (LMS’s, authoring tools, etc.) focuses on the creation and deployment of learning. L&D have embraced these tools enthusiastically. […]