Choosing and Optimizing Your L&D Organizational Structure

learning org structures

For many organizations, the L&D or talent development function has grown organically within the company over decades. Different training, development, and learning responsibilities are divided across multiple teams and lots of ad-hoc training is developed within separate business units. Whether your organization operates this way or under a mature and rigorously developed L&D model, it […]

3 Ways to Evaluate the Learning Culture in Your Organization

evaluating learning culture

As pressure mounts to embrace new technologies and adapt to the new world of work, the concept of a learning culture has never been more relevant or more essential than it is right now. Training employees to incorporate new technologies, embrace updated policies and procedures, or understand changing industry or government regulation has always had […]

How To Measure the Business Impact of L&D

business impact of training

There’s certainly no shortage of metrics L&D can use to measure training programs. From the number of hours employees spend completing a course to assessment scores, numbers abound and can be tracked accordingly. While such metrics as course completion rates and pass/fail rates are certainly valuable, learning leaders are increasingly searching for ways to measure […]

What Is a Learning Organization?


A learning organization is one in which all employees are encouraged to explore new ideas and consider new ways to address the problems at hand. Learning new skills and knowledge is encouraged in a learning organization, and with everyone focused on both individual and group betterment, the organization is able to pursue innovation, enter new […]