Starbucks and ELB Learning on Creating a Flexible, Outcome-Focused L&D Playbook

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On Thursday, February 22, 2024, at 2 pm ET, Cognota hosted a webinar, Elevate Your L&D Strategy: Crafting a Dynamic Playbook for Today’s Challenges to explore L&D and strategic goal alignment, solution-agnostic vendor selection, lifelong learning culture, and learning operations. Cognota founder and CEO Ryan Austin was joined by Ellen Burns-Johnson, Lead Learning Strategist at […]

How Generative AI Can Elevate L&D Workflows and Improve LearnOps

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On Thursday, November 16, 2023, at 12:30 pm ET, Cognota hosted a webinar, AI in the Flow of Work: Elevating LearnOps Workflows with Modern Technology, to explore the intersection of AI, IT, and learning operations – Watch the on-demand recording here! Cognota founder and CEO Ryan Austin was joined by Matthew Ball, VP of Engineering […]

Training Budgets: How to Set, Optimize, and Track Them

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Your training budget needs to be more than a shot in the dark, but how can you go about calculating it and producing an accurate prediction of your training costs? Not only will those approving your training budget want to see some justification for your calculations, but your budget allocation also plays a significant role […]

The Complete Guide to Efficient Training Operations

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L&D teams certainly want learners to learn, but could making their training operations more efficient help drive better outcomes? Efficiency in business is certainly nothing new, and increasing efficiency in training operations can improve the experience for everyone. This includes instructional designers and subject matter experts who build the course; employees taking the course to […]

What Does a Learning Operations Manager Do?

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Job titles on an L&D team can vary widely. From Chief Learning Officer to L&D Assistant, today’s learning teams encompass a range of skillsets, experience levels, and professional designations. Further, depending on the size of the organization—and oftentimes, depending on the task at hand—an L&D professional may hold several roles and perform several tasks regardless […]

Is Your Training Program Leaking Precious Budget and Resources?

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Training budgets have always been under strain, but thanks to the pandemic, the situation has become especially challenging. According to human capital analyst firm Brandon Hall Group, at the end of 2019, only 13% of companies said they were facing a decrease in the L&D budget. However, in July 2021, 40% said they had seen […]

Choosing and Optimizing Your L&D Organizational Structure

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For many organizations, the L&D or talent development function has grown organically within the company over decades. Different training, development, and learning responsibilities are divided across multiple teams and lots of ad-hoc training is developed within separate business units. Whether your organization operates this way or under a mature and rigorously developed L&D model, it […]