How to Use SMART Goals for Training and Development

learning and development smart goals

Setting goals for yourself and your team is one of the most important steps to establishing a successful training and development program. However, setting goals that are realistic enough to be reachable but challenging enough to encourage all team members to grow and excel, is not easy.  To establish helpful goals, your L&D team will […]

Effective Learning Objectives Can Engage Everyone

effective learning objectives

Instructional designers want their courses to work. However, all the animations, videos, and gee-whiz visuals won’t work unless there are effective learning objectives. Sure, an engaging course might thrill learners at the moment, but if the course isn’t effective, then ROI disappears and your’e stuck at square one. How to write effective learning objectives? We’ve […]

How to Write Learning Objectives

how to write learning objectives

A learning objective describes what learners should know or be able to do at the end of the course that they couldn’t do before. Sounds simple, right?

What Is Crowdsourced Learning?

crowdsourced learning

Crowdsourced learning is learning content requested, developed, and delivered by a group of individuals not normally tasked with creating learning content.  Crowdsourced learning need not be sourced from a specific set of designated learning and development professionals or instructional designers. Instead, crowdsourced learning originates from anyone within a department or company who can provide meaningful, […]

What Is a Learning Objective?

writing learning objectives

A learning objective describes what learners should know or be able to do at the end of the course that they couldn’t do before. A learning objective should clearly define the expected outcome of a course in terms of demonstrable skills or knowledge that will be acquired by the learner as a result of the […]

What is the Magic Triangle: Aligning Learning Objectives, Training Activities and Assessment Methods

the magic triangle

The Magic Triangle represents the relationship between Learning Objectives, Learning Activities, and Learning Assessment. If these three components are built with the intention of interdependence, then instructional design and learning are greatly enhanced and superior outcomes are achieved. If one or more of these three components is not optimal, then learners become discouraged, confused, bored, […]

7 Insider Secrets to Re-Defining Training Objectives to Maximize ROI

training objectives

Training objectives set employee expectations, measure success, and monitor resource-draining gaps. In this article, I´ll share 7 insider secrets to re-evaluate and re-define them in order to maximize returns. How To Maximize ROI By Re-Defining Your Training Objectives Every organization must endure its fair share of growing pains. Expanding your online presence and global reach […]

Why Writing Learning Objectives Are Critical to Instructional Design

We all need objectives for our projects. Learning objectives are basically the essence of your course’s goal, as they describe what you want your learners to achieve after completing it. Therefore, when the learning objectives for learning projects are unclear — or worse, generic — so is the purpose of your online course. Your learners will […]