How to Build a Successful Learning and Development Program

building a learning and development program

Effective learning and development programs are essential to the success of any organization. As the landscape of technology and the workforce constantly evolves, learning and development professionals must continuously improve and innovate their programs to meet the changing needs of their organizations and employees. The key elements of a successful learning and development program, including […]

Choosing Learning and Development KPIs for Organizational Impact

learning and development kpis

Measuring the impact of your learning and development initiatives is critical—not only for your programs’ continuity and departmental success, but also for the advancement of the organization. While it is generally accepted that organizations of all sizes must constantly be training their employees, understanding what’s working and what’s not can be a challenge.  Organizations want […]

Building a Learning and Development Strategy for Organizational Excellence

learning and development strategy

While any department, team, or even individual employee can take it upon themselves to acquire knowledge or develop a skill, it’s important for the organization as a whole to build an effective overall learning and development strategy. In addition to the main goal of developing an organization’s people, a proper L&D strategy provides innumerable benefits […]

5 Downloadable eLearning Project Plan Templates

elearning project plan templateselearning project plan templates

Project Plan Templates to Keep eLearning on Track How do you know what everyone is working on, and when it is due? Project management tools and technology have been around for quite some time and should be familiar to even the smallest teams. However, how do you know which one works the best for your […]

How to Calculate and Maximize Training ROI

man at desk with laptop calculating roi

Any initiative should have a return on investment—or why go through with the project in the first place? When the performance of people is involved, it’s difficult to know whether the training worked. Leaders would like to measure the business impact, most importantly whether the training was able to bring about improved work performance that […]

The Complete Guide to Efficient Training Operations

training project resources calculator

L&D teams certainly want learners to learn, but could making their training operations more efficient help drive better outcomes? Efficiency in business is certainly nothing new, and increasing efficiency in training operations can improve the experience for everyone. This includes instructional designers and subject matter experts who build the course; employees taking the course to […]

4 Ready-to-Use Learning and Development Budget Templates

training budget tips

Training Budget Templates to Identify and Assign Resources How much should the L&D department spend on training? Some companies have years of experience—and data—that help them understand just how much a learning initiative should cost. However, technologies, needs, and learner preferences change. What might have worked just one year ago might not be applicable now, […]

Your Complete Guide to the Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model

kirkpatrick evaluation model

Analyzing the results of training programs is extremely difficult. L&D teams are challenged to demonstrate the value that programs deliver to both individual employees and the organization as a whole. Unfortunately, few learning leaders are able to do this. “92% of senior leaders and stakeholders want to see quantifiable results from their training functions. Yet […]

How to Spot Inefficiencies in Your Learning Operations

man in blue shirt working on laptop

Learning Operations, or LearnOps, is the idea that outcomes can be improved and the business can run more efficiently when training is streamlined. Just as there is DevOps and RevOps in the engineering and sales organizations, respectively, LearnOps leverages data to capture insights that can inform decisions that can reduce stakeholder friction, speed course development, and […]

Why It’s So Hard to Measure ROI in Training and Development

training ROI

Any organization wants to know that there is a return on investment (ROI) or else the initiative would be a waste of precious corporate resources. Measuring the ROI in training and development is never easy, and learning leaders continue to seek different ways to evaluate the success of their courses on multiple levels. Indeed, quantifying […]