Digital Transformation in L&D: Digitizing Knowledge Capture from SMEs

New technology, consumer expectations, and a rapidly changing business landscape have been driving digital transformation for some years now. But for one reason or another, the adoption rate of digital transformation in certain sectors and companies has been slower than expected.  However, shifts in market forces and the macro environment have become so unpredictable (the […]

5 Step Framework for Effectively Crowdsourcing Training

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Crowdsourcing is a very effective way to align learning with the speed of business. A properly implemented crowdsourcing system for corporate training can save you a lot of time, increase learner engagement, and lower turnover. We’ve already written about why L&D should be utilizing crowdsourcing. Now, we’re going to show you how to develop a […]

10 Reasons to Crowdsource Training as Part of Your L&D Strategy

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Using crowdsourcing techniques and technology in your corporate training program can help you improve employee engagement, increase job satisfaction and lower turnover. Not only that, the reasons to crowdsource training will ensure you are delivering the results that your stakeholders are looking for. Crowdsourcing is the act of taking a job traditionally performed by a […]

Your Employees Are Your Best Source of Learning Content

While we’ve blogged before about the need to leverage internal talent as subject matter experts (SMEs) to create courses, we always feel the need to reiterate the importance of establishing this internal best practice. Indeed, there may be times when you will need to hire outside talent to assist in the development of learning materials […]

The Need for a Knowledge Management Repository

Knowledge is everywhere you look.  Every employee has something valuable to contribute to the organization. Whether it be a new business idea, a new process for fixing a broken one, or valuable advice on how to work with a particular client, this knowledge should be captured and analyzed. Further, if this knowledge can result in […]

What if it was Easy for Employees to Share Knowledge?

How do you address the challenge of getting employees to freely share knowledge with other employees? The ever-increasing speed of business combined with significant changes in the workforce is driving organizations of all sizes to find a solution. This Harvard Business School study discusses the serious problems that arise as experts retire and take a […]