5 Reasons Why Instructional Design Principles Still Matter

Instructional design is the process by which learning experiences are developed and delivered. According to Instructional Design Central, these learning experiences include online courses, instructional manuals, mobile and video tutorials, simulations, and assessments. Indeed, instructional designers are considered the ‘architects’ of the learning experience.  However, there is no certainty that instructional design principles are applied […]

National Lazy Day: 5 “Lazy” Instructional Design Tips

national lazy day

Ever heard the phrase “don’t work hard, work smart”? It’s not about shirking duties or cutting corners, it’s about finding the most logical and efficient way to get done what needs to be done.  Well, to celebrate today’s National Lazy Day, we’ve put together some “lazy” instructional design tips to help you work smarter, not […]

Why You Need to Use Rapid Prototyping in Instructional Design

Though instructional designers follow tried-and-true models and processes to build courses, the complexities of today’s work environment often wreak havoc on the most disciplined approaches.  As such, to ensure that all stakeholders get a good idea of how the learning course will turn out right at the outset, instructional designers should consider rapid prototyping. Rapid […]

Can a Learning Experience Design System Address the Skills Gap?

Chicken or the egg: are organizations not able to hire because they cannot find qualified workers, or can job seekers not obtain quality jobs because they lack the right skills?  Who is to blame, and what should be fixed first? Th skills gap has been a hot topic of discussion for several years now, as economists, labor experts, recruiters, […]