Instructional Design Storyboarding Software And Tools

instructional design storyboarding tools and technology

Storyboarding organizes images and graphics in order to “pre-visualize” an interactive media sequence. It plans the narrative in pre-production, a blueprint of sorts, so everyone on the team can have a much better idea of how the information will be presented. As it relates to instructional design, storyboarding maps the different elements of a proposed […]

The Ultimate Guide to Instructional Design Models

instructional design models

Instructional design is a term used to describe evidence-based strategies and techniques for developing and delivering learning experiences. A learning experience is a broad term that encompasses anything where learning is involved, including courses, presentations, tests and quizzes, and support materials. Without instructional design models, instructional designers and learning leaders would be flying blind when […]

What Is ADDIE?

ADDIE is an instructional systems design framework that many instructional designers and training developers use to develop courses. The five phases of ADDIE—Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation—together represent a dynamic, flexible guideline for building effective training experiences and performance support tools. The tools to build, host, and deliver learning experiences may change, but ADDIE […]

Rapid Prototyping for Instructional Design in the Age of Agile Software Development

Continuous quality improvement has been a watchword in business excellence for nearly a half century. CQI evolved as more industries and practitioners adapted it for their own purposes. Following the introduction of the software industry, CQI evolved as an agile approach to product development. The term “agile” has become synonymous with innovation and competitiveness, and […]

How Long Does It Take Instructional Designers to Create One Hour of Learning?

In an age of YouTube, where 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute, course creation shouldn’t be too difficult or time-consuming, right? Instructional Designers and development teams always identify the single biggest resource constraint for creating learning:  time.  Much has been written about how to estimate the hours needed to create quality courses. Several factors include: […]