L&D Capacity Planning Checklist: 5 Steps to Effective Resource Management

training and development capacity planning

When your L&D team is under pressure to deliver on a mounting pile of training requests, the knee jerk reaction is to look at hiring extra resources to pick up the load. But justifying those extra resources sometimes takes some convincing and some hard data to prove the need for a few extra pairs of […]

The Art of Doing Less

‘The most important resource our people have is their time,’ says an HR leader from a well-known media and technology company, in a recent interview with Josh Bersin of consulting firm Deloitte. ‘So what I’ve learned after nearly 20 years in HR, is that we need to do away with almost 75% of the things we do.’ How […]

Welcome, Chief Experience Officer, We’ve Been Expecting You

Employees must be seen as continuous learners, consuming technology as they would on their own. Applicants and even longstanding employees are increasingly viewing a role less as a job and more as an experience. The human resources function is at a crossroads. OK, so it’s been at a crossroads for quite some time, but according […]