Game On: The Do’s and Don’ts of eLearning Gamification

elearning gamification

In a world where employees have more information and content flooding their devices than ever before, instructional designers are having to get increasingly creative. Learners are spending time on websites, social media, and other apps that have become exceptionally good at holding their attention and earning their engagement. So, how can instructional designers keep up […]

Creating Connections: Tools for Training Remote Employees

training remote employees

Training remote employees can be just as effective and interactive as in-person sessions. And with advanced elearning solutions and software available for conducting instructor-led sessions remotely, there are plenty of tools out there to conduct an effective distance learning program. So, with that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the best tools and software […]

What Is Gamification?


Gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics, often in non-game contexts, to engage users in solving problems. It’s essentially the concept of applying game-design thinking to non-game applications. Game elements can include rounds, stages or levels, simulations, the collection of items of value, the gaining of points, winning or losing, or a […]

What Pokémon GO Can Teach Learning and Development Professionals

You certainly wouldn’t want employees spending time during the work day trying to find Pikachu in the break room, but the game’s popularity can provide insights into the future of workplace learning and development. Last week, comScore, a research firm that measures Internet usage and statistics, released some interesting though not surprising findings: smartphone and […]

Gamification is Dead. Long Live Gamification.

Gamification is Dead

Gamification is the concept of adding a system of ranks, rewards, titles, points, stickers, or badges to an individual’s social profile in the hopes of sparking pride as well as a competitive spirit. Gamification systems usually allow for the creation of requisites and accomplishments that need to be completed before digital goodies can be awarded. […]