How to Calculate and Maximize Training ROI

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Any initiative should have a return on investment—or why go through with the project in the first place? When the performance of people is involved, it’s difficult to know whether the training worked. Leaders would like to measure the business impact, most importantly whether the training was able to bring about improved work performance that […]

The Complete Guide to Efficient Training Operations

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L&D teams certainly want learners to learn, but could making their training operations more efficient help drive better outcomes? Efficiency in business is certainly nothing new, and increasing efficiency in training operations can improve the experience for everyone. This includes instructional designers and subject matter experts who build the course; employees taking the course to […]

How to Spot Inefficiencies in Your Learning Operations

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Learning Operations, or LearnOps, is the idea that outcomes can be improved and the business can run more efficiently when training is streamlined. Just as there is DevOps and RevOps in the engineering and sales organizations, respectively, LearnOps leverages data to capture insights that can inform decisions that can reduce stakeholder friction, speed course development, and […]

Why It’s So Hard to Measure ROI in Training and Development

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Any organization wants to know that there is a return on investment (ROI) or else the initiative would be a waste of precious corporate resources. Measuring the ROI in training and development is never easy, and learning leaders continue to seek different ways to evaluate the success of their courses on multiple levels. Indeed, quantifying […]

Evaluating Training Results for Business Success

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It’s not just the L&D team that wants to know whether the training programs it developed and delivered were successful—others do as well, including those in the C-Suite. More than simply a post-course exit poll asking learners how they felt about the training, evaluating training results should go deeper, as it is important for organizational […]