eLearning Strategy 101: How to Make Yours a Success

elearning 101 guide

Employees need to learn—how to use a new Javascript framework, how to process a customer insurance claim, how to write a press release. And with the ready availability of ways to learn, from colleagues recording a Loom video to the employee reaching into their own pocket to spend $20 on an Udemy course, there’s no […]

5 Steps to Creating a Realistic eLearning Project Timeline

Agile Learning Champion

eLearning projects can be a challenge to complete. While the kickoff might be exciting, a project can easily go off the rails, leading to missed deadlines, confusion among team members, and learners who are stuck with a course that doesn’t resonate with them. Most people think that the creation of a timeline merely benefits the […]

What Is Distance Learning?

learning advisory committee

Distance learning, or eLearning, is a formalized instructional system designed to be carried out remotely by using digital communications. Distance learning is less expensive to support and is not constrained by geography. Indeed, instructors, facilitators, and learners can be located anywhere and can engage in distance learning as long as they have an Internet connection. […]

Cognota Product Tips: So You Need to Convert a Powerpoint?

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Our Client Success Team shares 4 ways to incorporate existing PowerPoints into your Designs! We’ve had a lot of great conversations with our clients on how to convert and update their existing training content into Cognota courses. From this, we’ve seen one common theme – the majority of this existing content is in PowerPoint format.  […]

What is Storyboarding in eLearning?

The storyboarding technique is used across lots of different types of production, particularly in creative industries with design and video elements. The idea behind a storyboard is to create a highly detailed plan, vision, or story about what you are trying to create. That could be a film, video, or animation. In this case, it’s […]

The 6 Components of Flawless eLearning Project Management

eLearning project management

Projects of any kind can produce all manner of challenges. But when the purpose of the project is an output with complex development processes, such as eLearning, those challenges are only magnified. From dealing with too many cooks in the kitchen to being left stirring all the pots yourself, eLearning project management requires strong leadership […]

Are You Measuring Learner Engagement Wrong?

measuring learner engagement

You’ve spent weeks or months developing a new online course, and you’re delighted to see that learner engagement levels are through the roof! You carefully considered the learning objectives, agonized over content design, and tried to make the flow and assessments interesting. Course adoption rates and completion rates are high and it seems to be […]

Game On: The Do’s and Don’ts of eLearning Gamification

elearning gamification

In a world where employees have more information and content flooding their devices than ever before, instructional designers are having to get increasingly creative. Learners are spending time on websites, social media, and other apps that have become exceptionally good at holding their attention and earning their engagement. So, how can instructional designers keep up […]