Crushing the ‘Forgetting Curve’

Learner retention is perhaps the most important metric to measure the success of L&D initiatives. However, as we’ve covered in this blog before, the vast majority — often as high as 90 percent — of new skills are lost within a year if not reinforced by practical follow-ups or assessments. A recent article in Chief Learning […]

A Magazine Evolves as a Profession Evolves

The Association for Talent Development (ATD)’s publication, TD magazine, recently celebrated its 70th birthday. But who knew that the publication had 6 previous names? Industrial Training News The Journal of Industrial Training Journal of the American Society of Training Directors Training Directors Journal Training and Development Journal T+D (Training and Development) TD (Talent Development) A […]

Dealing with WIIFM

Getting employees to embrace training can be as fun as herding cats. Adult learners often ask, ‘Why do I have to do this?’ or more likely, ‘What’s in it for me?’ This last question, abbreviated to WIIFM, is something learning leaders deal with quite frequently. Employees are resistant to participating in an exercise which they […]

Online Universities Get a C+, But You Don’t Have To

How You Can Thrive When Dealing with an Uncertain Market The news last month that the parent company of the University of Phoenix (UoP) was sold for $1.1 billion to buyout fund Apollo Global Management is no surprise: online universities have not provided the bottom-line results they’ve promised individuals and organizations. According to the editors […]