6 Marketing Tactics L&D Can Borrow to Drive Learner Engagement

driving employee engagement

You’ve put time, resources, and tons of energy into creating effective courses and learning paths for employees. But a training course is only as good as it’s adoption rate, and yours seem to be falling a little flat. It’s a common problem, and the blame doesn’t land squarely at the feet of the L&D department. […]

7 Tips For Creating Powerful Corporate Training Assessments

corporate training assessments

Learning design theories and best practices are widely discussed and evaluated amongst the L&D community. One area that seems a little neglected in the debates that rage on is how corporate training assessments fit into training design. It’s much more difficult to find data and statistics on effective assessments than other areas of learning design. […]

What is Microlearning?


Although there is no set definition for microlearning, there are a few universally accepted characteristics that constitute a “microlearning” training module. ATD defines microlearning as small content snippets between 2-10 minutes in length centered on one learning objective. It’s a concept that is often associated purely with video, but any written, visual, or multimedia content […]

Are you ready for the shift to curation?

One basic assumption in Learning and Development organizations for the last 15 years has been that you need specialized instructional designers using specialized authoring tools to build specialized learning content. What if that assumption is not true? What if the majority of the time you don’t really need specialized content, just an easy way to […]