How to leverage employees to effectively develop training content

leverage employees to effectively develop training content

In the case you want to expand on what topics you offer to employees for training programs, you may want to set up an internal crowdsourcing campaign and leverage subject matter experts.  Here are a few suggestions on how to get started: Streamline your idea/intake process If you want to be innovative and capture new […]

Improve the ROI of your Training Development Efforts

Recent L&D Reports in corporate training state that only a third of business organizations feel as if their training programs meet expected results. And this means that over 60% of the organizations fail to generate any significant return on investment from the training they provide to employees and partners. As such, if you are planning […]

Five tips for crowdsourcing training content

Many corporate training and development departments find it difficult to meet the increasing volume of training requests. With already constrained training resources, innovative organizations are turning to “crowdsourcing and user-generated content” with subject matter experts in order to quickly produce content and meet the growing needs of the business. If this sounds familiar, here are five […]

What Is Content Curation and Why Should You Care?

Studies show that the majority corporate “eLearning” programs are ineffective and limited in use, other than mandatory compliance training. Today’s modern learner has little use for linear courses that are nothing more than animated slides designed for consumption in a Learning Management System. LMS training was primarily designed for a desktop, not mobile, experience. Many […]