New Cognota Feature: Advanced Assessments!

Assessments are often the expected conclusion to a course, class or training program. However, that same expectation has often led to generic question types, summative testing and delayed feedback. Assessments should be used as a way to ask learners to demonstrate what they’ve learned, and technology is continuing to enable this in powerful ways.  Today, […]

7 Tips For Creating Powerful Corporate Training Assessments

corporate training assessments

Learning design theories and best practices are widely discussed and evaluated amongst the L&D community. One area that seems a little neglected in the debates that rage on is how corporate training assessments fit into training design. It’s much more difficult to find data and statistics on effective assessments than other areas of learning design. […]

What is a Learning Assessment?

learning assessment

A lot of time and development goes into a great corporate training course, but the assessment phase is often one of the most neglected areas of the process. Learning consists of action and reflection, and assessment is an important part of the guided reflection that is needed for optimal learning. The most important thing to […]

Cognota Feature Update: Assessments

We’ve rolled out a new version with exciting changes, features, and improvements!  Here’s what’s new: Assessments We have added the ability to create an Assessment in the form of knowledge checks for each lesson. To create a knowledge check, choose Add Question while designing the lesson, and describe the question and answers. You can view and […]