Choosing Learning and Development KPIs for Organizational Impact

learning and development kpis

Measuring the impact of your learning and development initiatives is critical—not only for your programs’ continuity and departmental success, but also for the advancement of the organization. While it is generally accepted that organizations of all sizes must constantly be training their employees, understanding what’s working and what’s not can be a challenge.  Organizations want […]

Training Analytics: 7 Metrics Every L&D Leader Should be Tracking

training analytics

Learning and development teams spend many hours developing training courses for employees. But without a sufficient feedback loop, questions are raised: is this training effective? Do employees find it useful? Are we properly supporting organizational goals and improving performance Without properly set up training analytics, it can be anyone’s guess as to whether the carefully […]

9 Training Intake Metrics You Need to Start Tracking

training intake analytics

Learning and development have been a little late to the party in terms of big data, analytics, and implementing data-driven strategies. But as interest in the function grows, especially among executive management, learning pros are looking for bigger and better ways to report on their organizational impact. Training intake metrics are some of the most […]

7 Insider Secrets to Re-Defining Training Objectives to Maximize ROI

training objectives

Training objectives set employee expectations, measure success, and monitor resource-draining gaps. In this article, I´ll share 7 insider secrets to re-evaluate and re-define them in order to maximize returns. How To Maximize ROI By Re-Defining Your Training Objectives Every organization must endure its fair share of growing pains. Expanding your online presence and global reach […]