Webinar Recording: Transforming Your Training Intake Process for Successful Course Launch

training intake for training projects

Date: March 19th, 2020Time: 1PM (EST)Speakers: Laura Doerr | Senior & Lead Project Manager | eLearning BrothersKristy Sadler | CMO | Cognota In a world of agile business practices, speed to market for training is increasingly important for corporate learning teams. Most learning pros would agree that there are bottlenecks slowing down the course design […]

Webinar Recording: Leveraging Technology to Harness the Power of Crowdsourced Training

crowdsourced learning

It can be overwhelming to identify and prioritize training requirements across multiple departments or business units. By giving employees the power to suggest and request relevant training in the flow of work, they can surface their most pressing needs and training teams can prioritize training requests based on business impact. And this crowdsourcing approach has […]